Make your vote count!

Posted by Simon Gundry on 05/09/2014

Make your vote count! name

In another few days we need to make another choice for our country which will take us through for another three years.

I’m very concerned that the supporters of John Key and the National Government remember to vote and make sure that every other National supporter does the same. I think that any of us who have children overseas should ensure that they are all voting too, as long as they don’t vote Green, thinking they are saving the country. I think that all you regular column readers should have a very hard think about how you vote this year. I don’t believe we need a bunch of politicians running the country in some sort of loose unorganised coalition. One thinks of Blair and Brown in England and their dramatic overspending supported by debt, which a more sane and conservative party is now trying to salvage what they can of the economy after the carnage that was caused. One thinks of Helen Clark and the nine years of Labour, and the dramatic increase in Public Service, at a cost that the country is still bearing. What we need is a sane and sober Government that spends our tax wisely and I believe that John Key and Bill English have really made a move towards sound and responsible Government. The tax payers’ money and assets should be left with the holder unless the Government can prove that the Government can spend more wisely. There are not too many countries in the world with such a sound tax base as New Zealand. Low personal tax, no gift duty, no dividend tax, no capital gains tax, no property transfer tax. The income, the money earned, has been left with the originator of the income – let us make sure we do not fritter these benefits away.

One may look at Europe and the income tax and the indirect taxes and the high personal tax and high sales taxes approaching 20%. To me, the European policy is 'Work out how much the average family needs to live and take away the balance through rapacious taxes'. I’m a firm supporter of John Key and the National Government with a fervent hope that NZ does not slide back into the old spend and tax system. Wherever I read minor group policy statements it is all Give and Tax. The Greens and the Dotcoms and the Maori party are all firmly in this boat. The Labour Party wants a capital gains tax to control house prices, and an increased personal tax on higher incomes and any other tax they can think of and put in the give away basket.

I really think we have an inequality problem in New Zealand and in my opinion this is, in many cases, a problem of attitude. We are all given the same opportunities in this country and giving more and more money to people who may squander it will never help. The people who work hard, care for their families and provide for themselves are the very tax base that will be hit by the tax and spend thinking.
I see that the flow of people leaving New Zealand has basically stopped, and our brightest brains are returning to live here. I would love all my sons to return here and live in New Zealand after they have got the travel bug out of their systems. I must encourage you all to get out and vote this election, get your children to vote and make sure you give your party vote to National, if you want to retain a stable Government and keep our country in a straight direction. That’s it for this month, I know it’s a bit of a rant but I firmly believe we need to keep the current Government. Let’s not revert to how it was, with any kind of progress stifled, a big tax burden and an ever increasing entitlement mentality.

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